Frequently Asked Questions

When do you allow kittens to go to their new homes?

We release our kittens to their new homes at 12 weeks. They will have several rounds of their appropriate shots and deworming, as well as litter box training before leaving.

What do you feed your cats and kittens?

After a lot of trial and error, we choose to feed Instinct Grain Free Kitten food for the kibble, and Instinct Grain Free Morsels for the wet choice for kittens. We stay within the same line for our cats.  As a treat, we feed our cats Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Duck Duck Goose Dinner Morsels, which they LOVE.

What is your fee for kittens?

Each kitten is priced around 4-6 weeks of age based on individual traits, pedigree and temperment. We try to match personalities with owners by identifying the most social and outgoing vs lap kitty or other tendencies the kittens exhibit. Prices range from approximately $1800-$6000 for Pet through Show Quality kittens. We do sell with breeding rights to other registered breeders upon approval of their programs. Please inquire for specific pricing. 

What type of health guarantee do you provide?

Kittens wil receive vacinations at 9 and 12 weeks, and will have deworming and health check according to AVMA guidelines. Each parent is DNA tested for genetic illnesses and other potential health complications. We guarantee a healthy kitten and will work with each owner to improve their kittens health through education and advice on feeding and supplements. We will replace any cat or kitten we sell with an equal or higher value cat (when another cat or kitten is available) if it is found to be sick or unhealthy by your veterinarian within 72 hours of receipt of the kitten or cat. We offer support for life.

Why do you require a reservation?

We require a reservation or wait-list deposit for an upcoming litter so that the buyer secures a place to pick from the available kittens once they are priced. The reservation deposit is non-refundable and is applied towards the final purchase price. Once pricing has been established, those on the waiting list will be notified and asked to make their choice and given a timeframe in which to make their decision. If no choice has been made within the timeframe given, the buyer will lose thier pick, however the deposit may be transferred towards another kitten at the discretion of NW Pixie Paws. Your wait time will depend on the specific traits that you would like and what nature delivers. If you are flexible on gender and traits, you are likely to find a kitten sooner than if you are seeking a certain gender or coloring. Our polydactyl, short bobtail kittens are in high demand and only a few are born each litter.

Do you provide delivery or pickup only?

Whenever possible we prefer to personally meet new owners and hand deliver our kittens. We understand that is not always an option for out of the area customers, and in those cases, we are able to ship your kitten via courier or other method. Shipping costs around $500 for us to arrange, and includes an airline health certificate from our vet, the purchase of an approved carrier, food and water cups, and the cost of the flight. Courier prices are case by case, please ask us for a quote. We arrange departures from Bellingham International Airport, in Bellingham, Washington.

Local families and those who wish to drive to pick up their newest family member will be informed on the dates that your kitten is available for pick up.