Our Cats

Registered Pixie Bob sisters, Lucy (the dramatic red head) and Ethel (her faithful sidekick) were a great addition to our farm!  We recently added Tigerlily, as Lucy went to her new home with my husband's mother.

Ethel has also retired, and moved to her new home in California. We kept her daughter, Petunia as our new queen with Tigerlily to be a part of our future breeding program. We work with other local breeders to find the perfect match for each of our girls, paying great attention to quality and bloodlines.

Our cats are raised as a part of our family, where they receive lots of love and attention and are free to roam around our house. We have Winnie the Pembroke Welsh Corgie, Black Angus beef cattle and Belted Galloway beef cattle on our farm, so we have a typically busy household with family members, including grandkids, dropping by to see the animals. All of our kittens and cats for sale are a part of our family and are well socialized before they leave for their new homes. 

Our breeding cats are all tested and vaccinated against standard diseases and risk factors or genetic carriers. We are not "Show" people, although we support our fellow breeders who do show their cats. We fully support the TICA standards for Pixie Bobs. We believe in breeding healthy, happy and loving cats that will make ideal pet companions. We will invite you to our home to meet prospective family members by appointment. 

Lucy & Ethel (Retired) 


Ethel (Retired) & Fern (2021 kitten) 

The Boys! 2022 Ethel/Hawkeye Litter

Petunia 2023 Ethel/Hawkeye kitten

Miss Petunia

Tigerlily/Cascadekaperkats Storm 2023 Litter

Tigerlily (left) and Petunia (right)